Vulture Hill

A small hill caught between a forest and a river, surrounded by a little patch of grassland and reets. The hill is being used by the Vulture Hill Tribe as their home. Among some old masonry and patches of grass the goblins have made some crude dwellings and a few watchtowers.

The little village of the Vulture Hill Tribe consists of several “buildings”:

  1. Runk’s Cave The entrance to Runk‘s Cave usually has two guards standing on both sides of it. Hardly any of the tribe’s goblins are allowed inside except for Runk himself, his guards Terro and Ung-ung, Wozzoz the hunterleader, a few of the veteran warriors, Shinra the Witchdoctor and a select few of the females of the tribe.
  2. Shelter
  3. Well
  4. Shinra’s Cabin: This is where the Witchdoctor sleeps and does some of his magic. Very rarely a gravely wounded goblin will be admitted inside so Shinra can keep an eye on him until the goblin is ready to recover at his own sleeping place.
  5. Main Shelter: The largest structure of the village is the place where most of the tribe’s goblins rest. This rectangular shelter’s entrance is located near the top of the hill. Once you enter you’ll notice that the end of the shelter’s is somewhat inside the hill and slopes downwards. The strongest goblins of the tribe that don’t have their own shelter will have their place near the entrance. The further you move inside and down the shelter, the dirtier it gets and the less powerfull the goblins will be that rest there at night. Fighting amongst the goblins for better spots isn’t uncommon.
  6. The Vulture Arena: A green with a Vulture Totem in the center. This is where most of the tribe’s activities are held. If the hunters return with enough game, a fire will be lit there and the food cooked with everyone around to snatch a piece when they can. This is also the spot where an occasional fight to settle disputes can be held but usually disputes are ended on the spot where they began.
  7. Slave Pen: Hardly used since the Vulture Hill Tribe rarely catches prisoners and when they do manage to bring them back alive to the village they are mostly eaten.
  8. Shelter
  9. Shelter
  10. The Pit: This is where all the useless garbage goes (including the dung from the shelters, to be carried there by the lowliest ranked goblins, usually the young ones).
  11. Watchtowers
  12. Small Shelter
  13. Small Shelter

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Vulture Hill

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