Forest to the West

This is the forest where the Vulture Hill Tribe are most active. This is where they collect their resources: food (game, insects and in case these are hard to find even some berries), wood (to burn and occasionally to repair their dwellings and watchtowers but they hardly build anything).

In the forest several creatures can be found. The occasional deer or boar but also stranger creatures, more dangerous creatures. When you travel far enough to the west you get to the part of the forest where some of the other races can be encountered. The most courageous goblins will go there once in a while on raids. They usually come back with things they’ve found and rarely with something they actually stole or robbed. These raids are dangerous and very often there are casualties.

Not so far from the Vulture Hill an entrance of something that looks like a sewer can be found.

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Forest to the West

Life of the Goblin brasspigeon