Life of the Goblin: Introduction

It’s warm, your eyes are closed as you float around. Noise, lots of noise. You feel it and you hear it. Once in a while you get a poke after some screaming and roaring. Days pass by as you grow and it gets tighter everyday, there’s more noise and then it happens. Everything around you starts to move. The water disappears! Muscles and other tissue start to push against you and you hear a non-stop wail. The pushing gets harder and harder, you try to resist but you’re too weak. Slowly you are moved through a very narrow tunnel. Your arms and legs are being pressed against your body. It hurts! Everything hurts! All of a sudden the worst of it stops though and there’s light, cold and stench. The wailing stops but only for a little while. Because of a senses-wide delirium you start to wail yourself. Welcome to the world little goblin!

You’re only a few weeks old and already you manage to stand up. Together with twenty others you’ve been living the first few weeks of your life in the goblin nursery. You were born there and everyday you fight to survive. The competition is deadly as only the strongest of the goblin young are fed by the females of the goblin tribe. The females sneak into the nursery at random times and they await the fighting amongst the young to end before feeding the victors. At every possible feeding you try to keep the competition at bay, either by sheer force or cunning. It doesn’t work everytime, there’s always older, stronger and smarter goblins around, so the nagging feeling of hunger regularly turns you into a real monster. There are always a few stinking goblin corpses on the nursery floor. On days when you didn’t get fed, you’d feed yourself with the remains of those not strong enough to survive, dead or alive. Killed by violence, starvation or diseases, many of the young goblins will never see the outside world. There isn’t much left of the corpses though, some bones and skin are all there’s left. Once in a while an old cripple goblin will come to collect what’s left of them.

Soon you get to go outside! You’ve grown too large to be fed and are a danger to all the little goblins. The witchdoctor, a tall,wise and, according to the female goblins, the eldest goblin of the tribe, has come by the nursery and picked you and a few others to be released from the nursery. Your god, The Great One, has told him in a vision which of the young goblins will get to be members of the Vulture Hill Tribe, your tribe. You’re being grabbed by the neck by one of the three females goblins currently in the nursery and she throws you over the small fence which serves as the door of the nursery. You can take a few more bruises so you don’t care. Life is about to start! Around you are your former competitors, sniggering just as you are. Slowly you all rise to your feet and for the first time get to take a look at the Vulture Hill where your tribe resides.

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Life of the Goblin